Here’s what you can create using Doddle

A few suggestions of how Doddle can help you generate additional sales:

  1. No need to hand draw signs
    Avoid time wasting by producing multiple signs at the click of a button using our database of a variety of meat cuts.
  2. Display meat guides / safety notices
    Reinforce safety measures by providing information about cooking/preparing procedures. Provide additional guides for thawing/freezing/storing/carving and preparing your meat.
  3. Provide meal and recipe suggestions
    Using our database of various meats and other products, create your own recipe leaflets to educate your customers on how to get the most from their purchase.
  4. Show customers where the meat has been sourced
    Instill your customers with confidence in the quality of your meat by providing information on animal care and trace-ability of your produce.
  5. Promote at the click of a button
    Push any materials you have created to Facebook or digital displays. Make a stronger presence and appeal to a broader demographic.
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