Here’s what you can create using Doddle

A few suggestions of how Doddle can help you generate additional sales:

  1. Advertise discounted products
    Draw attentions to your special offers with engaging self made signage “Buy five Cream Eggs for €2”.
  2. Share these offers on Facebook from Doddle
    Use social media to promote your latest offers, interact with customers and strengthen your online presence.
  3. Promote an event you’re sponsoring
    Show people the causes and organisations your store supports and raise awareness for worthy charities – “Your store is proud to sponsor the local Football club”.
  4. Promote your store services
    Highlight the additional services offered by your store and give your customers more reason to return – “All your local services available here in store: Lottery, Photocopying, Phone top up, Parking Tags, Laundry services”.
  5. Capitalize on seasonal activity
    Back to school, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s day, Valentine’s day etc. “Buy your Mum her special Mother’s Day card and present here in store”.
  6. Safety and Legal notices
    Use our pre-made templates to quickly produce safety notices, store policies or any terms and conditions – “You must be over 18 to purchase alcohol/cigarettes” or “This service is temporarily unavailable. Apologies for any inconvenience.”
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