Interested in becomming a Doddle Reseller?


Doddle is sub company of VisualID who provide a similar system. Some of our clients include Digicel, Heineken, Spar, Supervalu, Musgraves, United Drug, Savills and more.
3500 Retailers use the same system as Doddle daily. 80% of the 2nd tier Grocery sector have invested in our system.

  1. You get to keep 100% commission for your first 10 sales.
    As an introductory offer we are giving resellers 100% commission.
  2. Generous commission
    Get in touch for rates.
  3. Recursive commission
    For every Doddle licence you sell, you’ll be compensated for every additional month they used Doddle
  4. Quantity based commission bonuses
    If you sell more than 10 Doddle licences, you’ll get a larger commission.
  5. Extra commission introductory offer
    For the first 3 months you’ll receive 50% commission recursively on every Doddle licence sold.
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